Keeping the Bugs at Bay: Residential Pest Control

Bugs have been around for millions of years, so they have been swift to develop a sense of human dependency considering that we involuntarily provide them with food and shelter regularly. From cockroaches to ants, there are a wide variety of bugs that discreetly use our homes as a place to eat, live and lay their eggs.

To help keep bed bugs at bay, here are three fundamental techniques that you should try to follow as closely as possible.

Clean Regularly

Bugs are attracted to food, so be sure to clean and vacuum the home on a regular basis so that bugs aren’t able to sense any. When keeping the kitchen clean, don’t leave out any dirty dishes, close any opened snack bags and keep garbage bins closed. As soon as bugs such as ants notice there is food around, they will start to look for it around your home. With the exception of insects that thrive on clean houses and floors, cleaning the home should keep away most pests.

Keep Cool

With Texas being a very arid state, it’s not hard for pests to find a suitable place to settle. They love areas that are dark, warm and damp, for they make for ideal places to incubate and breed. The last thing you want to have in the home are pests that multiply, so it is important to eliminate any and all environments that are warm and sticky. Be sure to have your HVAC unit in working condition to keep your home cool. For basements and upper floors rooms of the home, consider a dehumidifier to help eliminate the warm, moist air.

Contain Food Items

From cereals to sweets, and snacks to canned goods, when pests find them, they go to them, literally. Pantries can be a literal haven for pests, as well as an easy place for them to hide from you and other family members. One way to keep pests out of your food is to place them in plastic containers with lids. Not only will pests have a hard time penetrating through hard plastic, but the aroma from your food items will be greatly masked as a result.

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