What Are Bed Bugs?

bed bug

"Don't let the bed bugs bite." You’ve probably heard this hundreds or thousands of times in your life but thought it was just an expression with no real meaning. Unfortunately, these bugs do exist and they’ve made a comeback over the years. Though these invasive pests wreak havoc in residential homes across the country, they also cause problems for many businesses.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

They have small, flat bodies and range in color from brown to reddish. They range in size from tiny insects (about 1/8 of an inch) to adults that are about the size and shape of an apple seed. They are typically found wherever the hosts are—beds, couches, and even in office chairs.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter Homes and Businesses?

The bed bug likes to hitchhike; they will cling to whatever it can to hitch a ride to its next destination. You can bring bed bugs into your home or business in many ways—from buying infested used furniture to sharing a seat with someone. Kids who play in an infested indoor area may also bring the bugs into the home or the school. Bed bugs take advantage of their new homes by breeding continually and spreading throughout the area. They can be found in the carpet, hide in clothing and nest within bedding. It’s possible to carry bed bugs from your home and transmit them to your car, the office, and other places you visit during the day. Without proper control, these bugs spread and can infest most any building within days.

Okay, How Do We Get Rid of Them?

Alvin Pest Control, LLC incorporates different treatment strategies to rid your environment of bed bugs—steam treatment, crack and crevice chemical injection, void area treatment, bed encasements, and any needed custom treatment methods to fix your problem.

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