How to Prevent Pests From Living Under Your Deck


Many pesky rodents like to live under decks and porches, which can be annoying. These pests like to live under decks because the space is dark and quiet. Raccoons and skunks can be a nuisance, and keeping them away from your yard is a must. Thankfully, there are a few tricks for keeping these pests away from your deck. Here are some tips. 

Clean Up

Having a clean yard is the key to keeping all pests away. Lots of pests, especially rodents, are attracted to food, trash and yard waste. If there is trash or waste under your deck, rodents will be attracted to the area and will most likely attempt to build a home there. If you have a rodent problem, thoroughly clean up your yard. Throw away food waste and trash and get rid of any yard debris. This will clear the area and prevent pests from coming into your yard in the future. 

Use Ammonia

If you have a raccoon or skunk living under your deck right now, try using ammonia to deter the rodent from staying there. To try this method, soak a bath towel in ammonia. When the rodent is not under your deck, put the towel at the entrance of its nest. Both raccoons and skunks hate the smell of ammonia and will not want to come back to their nest. 

Use Rodent Spray

There is a specific spray to use when you are dealing with raccoons and skunks, and it has an ingredient inside that is found in spicy cayenne peppers. These rodents hate this smell and will not come near your yard or deck if you spray it around the perimeter of the area. This spray can be found at your local home store or online. 

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