Pantry Free of Pests

Keep Your Pantry Free of Pests With These Quick Hacks

Your pantry is almost literally the lifeline of your home, certainly for you and your loved ones. Unfortunately, it’s also the lifeline for a lot of pests that like to invade your home for free food

These pests will feed on any food supplies that you keep in there, and in doing so, they can spread germs and bacteria to everyone in the home. But how do you keep them out and avoid those germs? 

That’s the question we’re here to answer. The pros at Alvin Pest Control understand your worries, so stick with us as we give you the best hacks to keep those pests away

Use Better Storage.

If you have open containers in your pantry, then you’re basically inviting pests to come inside to dine. A good step to avoid that is to use air-tight containers to store food. So once you open food, you need to transfer the remaining food into one of those containers.

Sweep Up Crumbs.

Crumbs are unavoidable in pantries. That’s just how it is. If you leave those crumbs, then pests could pick up on the scent and come looking. So you should regularly clean your pantry and remove any crumbs you can see. 

Remove Expired Food.

Expired food is very tempting for pests. The odors caused can lure them in very quickly. Luckily, it’s easy to keep them from picking up on that scent if you keep tabs on the expiration dates in your pantry. Remove anything past its expiration date. 

Bay Leaves.

Set out bay leaves on the pantry floor or shelves. It can seem counterintuitive, especially given the other steps we mentioned that involve containing or cleaning up food. However, bay leaves contain pest repellent properties that can be very beneficial. The best part about bay leaves is that they repel pests while still being safe for the people in your home. They’re toxic to dogs and cats, though, so keep them out of reach of your four legged friends.

Follow These Steps.

If you’ve been following these steps for a while and you still find yourself with a pest problem in your pantry, then it could be hinting towards a more significant problem. So what do you do then? 
We recommend contacting professional help. At Alvin Pest Control, we’re that help. Call us today and we’ll put an end to your pest problem.