Do I Need Professional Pest Control?

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If you are a homeowner, then it is very likely that at one time or another, you will experience a pest infestation in your home. Perhaps you feel as though it isn’t a big deal and that you could handle it easily on your own with items bought from the grocery store. Before trying do-it-yourself pest control treatments, read on for more information about why it is important to contact a professional when you have a pest issue.

DIY Sometimes Is Not Enough

While do-it-yourself pest control can be effective for a short amount of time, it tends to not be effective for the long term. You may feel as though you can save more time and money by trying to do home remedies or do-it-yourself solutions. However, you can save yourself future hassles and potentially save more money if your pest issue is handled correctly the first time.

Professionals Know the Correct Treatment

For each species of insect, there is a different method of treatment. Once the professionals have discovered the type of critter that is invading your home, they will then be able to prescribe the most effective treatment. They will also continue treatments until the issue has been solved.

Protect Your Family and Your Home

After the issue has been addressed, the pest control professionals will advise you on how to best protect your home from future infestations. This can mean suggesting preventative treatments or giving ideas on how to discourage pests. For example, an easy way to keep pests at bay is to make sure that your kitchen is free of spills and food debris. Keep areas of clutter to a minimum as much as possible, as pests love to nest in places where they can stay hidden. Having a professional inspect your home can help you to discover the areas where pests can enter or make nests.

Defending Your Home Against Tiny Invaders

Remember the adage, “A man’s home is his castle”? Bring this saying into modern times, and it can still be said that any homeowner wants to feel safe and secure at home. Just as a castle was guarded and equipped with barriers to keep out enemies, your home must be fortified against all types of raiders, including the six-and-eight legged varieties. You need the same level of forethought, action, and surveillance to be sure that your home is properly protected. Consider these three main methods to fortify any home against insects and pests.

Keeping Pests Out

The best offense is a good defense. To develop an effective line of defense against tiny invaders, you must think like the enemy. Take a tour around your property to see where you might unwittingly be inviting the culprits into your home. Move plants away from your foundation. Trim shrubs and trees so that they do not touch your home. Keep windows and gutters free from leaf litter and plant debris that could host the nests of spiders, roaches and many other insects.

Make your home intentionally uninviting against those who may do you harm.

Physical Barriers

Next, note any breeches in your fortification by which the assailants can enter. Start with the most obvious. Make sure that all entrances stay tightly shut at all times, including back doors, garage doors and windows. Train all members of your own little army, including children, to keep these entranceways closed and stress the reasons for maintaining this proactive habit. Then arm yourself with a caulk gun and other commercial fillers to seal cracks around basement windows, crawl spaces and attic vents. Look for missing shutters and worn weatherstripping to replace. Make sure that there is no hole or crack left vulnerable to raiders. Practice this surveillance quarterly, ideally at the beginning of every season, for maximum protection.

If termites are a threat to your home in any way, you need to consider wire mesh as a means of protection. Wire mesh can be installed in both pre- and post-construction phases around slabs, masonry, vertical and horizontal cold joints, and along pipes. This type of barrier should be installed by professionals and should also be inspected at least annually to be sure there are no gaps or breakdowns.

Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers are efficient methods for protection against all varieties of insect intruders. They must be applied with care and specialized knowledge to be effective. They must be administered at strategic points completely around the home and property so that there are no gaps. Chemical barriers must be monitored and maintained in order to be effective. Precautions must also be taken to be sure that they do not do harm to innocent lives, including those of pets and young children.

Fortifying your home against these adversaries is serious business. You need professionals to help you protect your family by providing a dwelling that stands up against any invasion.

When It's Vital to Call a Professional 

When it comes to pests in your home, you may wonder if you’re able to get rid of them yourself. You may not want to spend the money and investment to bring in a professional, but it is often the best course of action. Whether or not you should bring in a professional really depends on the kind of pest and the extent of the infestation.

If you have termites

Termites are hard to handle on your own. Their colonies and infestations are hard to find and they can cause damage to structures even before you realize that you have a problem. At the first sign of termites or mud colonies near the foundation of your house, make sure to call a professional. Professionals are able to recommend treatment and also keep them from coming back.

If you have wasps

Wasps are a nasty problem to have and can completely ruin your enjoyment of your yard. They are extremely aggressive and can attack you if they sense you’re trying to threaten their home by trying to treat the problem yourself. They will build large wasp nests on and around your home. Make sure to contact a professional as soon as you see signs of wasps.

If you have bed bugs

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to identify as well as exterminate. Professionals are skilled at identifying bed bugs and ridding of the problem before it spreads through your home. If you happen to see any signs of bed bugs or have small bites on your skin after sleeping, reach out to a professional as soon as possible.

If you have mice or rats

Rodents bring in disease and other pests along with them. They can quickly become a huge problem, and it’s hard to catch them all yourself. Call in a professional to take care of this problem.

If you have an infestation or recurring problem in your home

If you have an infestation with many pests in your home, it is probably too late to deal with it yourself. Make sure to call a professional right away to deal with the problem and keep it from getting worse. If you have a recurring problem, a professional can help with recommendations for dealing with pests and preventing them from coming back. Contact Alvin Pest Control with any pest questions or concerns!

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