Named for the Santa Fe Railroad, the small city of Santa Fe, Texas, houses some 12,000 residents. This lovely community enjoys excellent neighborhoods, incredible weather and an easy commute to nearby Galveston for work and recreation, but the area’s humid subtropical climate also encourages the habitation of several nuisance pests. The temperature rarely falls below 50 degrees in the winter, and summer temperatures hit the 90-degree mark and even higher. This type of weather provides the perfect breeding conditions for pests, and both insect and rodent populations thrive in Santa Fe. Fortunately, here at Alvin Pest Control, we’ve been taking care of the pest-control needs of residents and commercial businesses in Santa Fe since 1975, and these are just a few of the nuisance creatures that we’re regularly called upon to eradicate.


There are more ants in Santa Fe than there are people, and you may find yourself invaded by a dozen different species. Fire ants build large mounds all over area properties, and a single colony may contain as many as 500,000 individuals. These ants present a danger because the entire colony will attack any human or animal that approaches their home. Ghost ants are also a nuisance because they tend to start up multiple colonies in your home, and you may find them nesting in wall voids or behind baseboards. It’s not unusual to see large lines of these ants in your kitchen or bathroom searching for a drink of water or a tasty bit of food.

Bed Bugs

The cleanliness of your home has nothing to do with an infestation of bed bugs because these tiny insects can find their way into any home. They may hitch a ride on your dog or arrive unnoticed on a nice piece of used furniture. Once inside, they’ll take over any beds, clothing, stuffed toys or cloth furniture, and these nasty little blood suckers will creep out at night to dine on your family. It’s definitely no fun to wake up in the morning covered in bites, and sensitive individuals may experience an allergic reaction.


The common house mouse and both roof rats and Norway rats have found their way into Santa Fe homes, and each of these rodents breeds incredibly fast. That means your home could become infested in a very short time. Both mice and rats like to gnaw, and they will chew through food boxes, destroy books and even start house fires by gnawing on the electrical wires. Rats also pose a serious health threat because they carry several serious diseases that can spread to people and their pets.

Professional Help Available

Here at Alvin Pest Control, we use the latest pest control techniques to rid your home or business of these and any other pests that you may be dealing with. Those who live in Santa Fe and the surrounding area are welcome to call us at 281-331-0126, and we’ll send our trained technicians right out to solve your pest control issue.