Rasberry “Tawny” Crazy Ants (“RCAs”)

Rasberry Crazy Ants, also known as Tawny Crazy Ants, are a somewhat new invasive ant species that we are dealing with in the Gulf Coast region. These ants are so difficult to deal with because of the size of their “colony”, often times over 150 acres! These ants forage over a large region and their density in trailing is quite disturbing.

Why Should I Worry About RCAs?

RCAs, when foraging around your structure, will enter through exterior walls and over-winter inside the structure. They can then emerge inside during the winter months and inundate the interiors. Another major concern is these ants have an attraction to Electro Magnetic Frequency (“EMFs”). All electrical contacts emit EMF and RCAs can infest these areas and cause power interruption and even electrical damage.

Since the colony is much larger than your property, eliminating the RCA colony is impossible, so we look more for control. The control we get is defined as keeping them outside and not in your structure.

Service Plan

RCAs typically forage from May to October, depending on many environmental factors. While we will perform a 1-time service, for ultimate control we recommend our monthly treatment regimen during these months. Over the past several years we have developed a treatment regimen that incorporates several products and strategies to gain that control. We treat up to 10,000 square feet of lawn area using a granular material and spray applications on the perimeter of the structure(s) on your property.