Having pests in your home is extremely unsettling for anyone. Knowing you’ve got a pest problem can take away your peace of mind and make you constantly worry about your home being dirty and your items occupied by unwanted guests. And your worry is not unfounded either; sometimes, pests can cause serious damage.

The following pests are common in Manvel, Texas and surrounding areas. Let’s discuss how to spot each of these pests and the dangers they might pose to your home.

Rats and mice

Everyone is familiar with rats and mice. They’re found pretty much anywhere that people live. Mice take up residence in homes to take advantage of the food scraps that often end up in the nooks and crannies of kitchens and under sofas. Rats usually live outdoors, but will often move into our attics to take shelter from the weather.

Rats and mice can cause damage to your home by chewing furnishings and wires. They also leave droppings which are unsanitary and could potentially make your family sick. Rats and mice sometimes even carry nasty diseases which can be contracted by humans.

The most obvious sign of rats and mice is small droppings. You also may notice signs of late night snacking on food that you have left out.

Crazy ants

Crazy ants are a type of ant that is native to South America but which have recently taken up residence in numerous counties along the Gulf Coast in the United States, including in Manvel, Texas. These ants come in massive swarms that can easily overwhelm homeowners.

Crazy ants, also called Rasberry ants or Tawny ants, often enter homes during winter to escape the cold. They can completely inundate the interior of your home, often clogging up vents and even electronics like televisions and computers. Crazy ants seem to be attracted to electricity, and they have been known to completely ruin appliances. If your vents are clogged or you TV isn’t working, believe it or not, crazy ants could be the culprit!

Ghost ants

The ghost ant is another invasive species which came to Texas in the late 90s. They are extremely small ants with black heads and white bodies. These ants often make nests in homes and they seem to be particularly attracted to sweet foods. Ghost ants are particularly harmful because they can spread bacteria that can make your family sick.

Rover ants

Rover ants are another foreign species of ants that has taken up residence in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. These small, dark brown ants often take up residence in homes that have problems with excessive moisture. If you live in the Gulf Coast region and you have problems with mold or other fungus in your home, the Rover ants may not be far behind.

If you suspect that you have pests in your home, you may need to contact an exterminator. Alvin performs pest control in Manvel TX, and we have proven strategies to get rid of all the types of pests listed above. Give your family the benefit of peace of mind and call Alvin today for a free pest control quote.