Although the Tex-Mex eateries in and around Iowa Colony are legendary, the small Houston suburb is known for more than just being a place for cleaning your plate. While major cities are still bemoaning post-pandemic economic losses, Iowa Colony’s leaders are planning for explosive growth within the next two decades.

These plans call for innovative construction projects and exceptional preservation of existing homes and businesses. At Alvin Pest Control, we strive to do our part to support safe, clean, and comfortable homes and businesses with our Iowa Colony pest control services. Here’s how.

Residential Pest Control

All types of pests plague homeowners in our region. When insect pests such as roaches, ticks, and termites make an appearance at your house, you can count on less-than-pleasant living arrangements. Living with roaches exposes you and your family to a host of diseases that include Cholera, Salmonellosis, and the Plague, and ticks are the main sources of Lyme disease.

While termites don’t spread pathogens that harm your health, their appetite for wood can cost you your home. Termites are tiny insects that live in large colonies. They eat wood and can cause extensive structural damage before you’re even aware of their presence in your home.

Alvin Pest Control offers a wide range of pest extermination services that include the latest industry-approved products and techniques. We use chemical and non-chemical protocols to eliminate active pests infestations and to stop pests from entering your home. We customize services for you that are effective against pests but that are safe for people and pets.

Commercial Pest Control

There are a million things that you need to consider when running a successful business. Worrying about pests that harm people’s health, destroy inventory, and ruin your reputation shouldn’t be one of those things.

Our Iowa Colony commercial pest control includes perimeter treatments that help to stop common pests and wildlife from entering your facilities. When there’s an active infestation in a building, we use targeted tactics that eliminate the problem. Our professional and discreet pest control methods allow you to continue your business operations without costly delays.

Pests we service:

Hire Iowa Colony Pest Control

Iowa Colony officials have big plans for the city that include expanding streets, adding green spaces, and constructing civic buildings to accommodate tens of thousands of new residents. People are attracted to communities that are clean, safe, and pest free.

Alvin Pest Control has been the go-to source for pest extermination in the Houston metro area since 1975. We’re proud to be a part of Iowa Colony’s past, present, and future. If you have a pest problem or want to prevent future infestations, give us a call for a free quote on service.