Why Spring Cleaning is Crucial For Pest Control

Spring is an optimal time to clean up messes. Here is why Spring cleaning is crucial for pest control.

1. Pests Like To Nest.

Pests, like mice, will always seek shelter during cold weather. Then when it starts to make the transition into spring, they stay there and wait until the temperature is just right before coming out. Pests like to make themselves comfortable in your home before planning an attack on your house. 

So what you should do is clean up every corner of your house thoroughly. Get rid of any possible nesting-ground-like clutter, dusty spaces or even plants infested with insects. 

And if you think that it is too late because winter has already passed, call Alvin Pest Control to help you eliminate them immediately.

2. Pests Like Moisture.

Water availability is another concern for pests like ants, cockroaches and termites. If you live near a water source like drainage or wells, this might be an issue because insects and other pests require moist and damp areas to survive. Keep your house clean by cleaning up any leaks in your pipes. Seal off openings that could lead them into your home.

3. Pests Want To Eat Your Food or Garbage.

When there is food lying around outside or inside the house, they will find their way inside, which means you will find yourself raising cockroaches and ants after a few days–especially if it’s summertime. So, make sure to keep your kitchen as clean and dry as possible. Do not leave any leftover food on the table, no matter how small it may be. It’s better to throw all the leftovers into the garbage than to allow them to rot in your fridge.

If you’re dealing with a pest control problem in your home, Alvin Pest Control’s Residential Pest Control can help.

4. Pests Like Dirty Areas and Objects.

If you have a lot of things stacked up around your living room, chances are pests might find their way inside your house. They could spend their time hiding under the clutter to protect themselves from natural predators. So, keep it clean and presentable by minimizing the number of objects lying around indoors.

Cleaning up all those junk piles and boxes can be quite time-consuming, but pest control must take place. Large objects like furniture should also not be stacked on top of one another because that’s where bugs and insects love hiding whenever they’re indoors and away from their natural predators.

For outdoor spaces, make sure that no leftover food items are lying on the ground. This will attract vermin, which can pose a threat to your family table manners as well as health, since they carry around bacteria and germs with them wherever they go.

Bring out the cleaning tools such as mops, brooms, buckets and sponges. Begin by sweeping and washing the floor. Spiders, cockroaches and other insects love to hide in all sorts of nooks and crannies, so it is best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

You can contact Alvin Pest Control if you think there’s a considerable amount of pests in your living space.