Why Rodents Are More Likely To Invade Your Home in Winter

Rodents can be pesky all year long. They tend to like dark, warm spaces and they are highly attracted to food and waste. However, rodents are more likely to invade your home during the winter season than they are during any other month of the year. Keep reading to find out why. 

Cold Weather

Rodents love warm weather. They remain outside and are able to live off of food and waste debris. However, once the weather reaches a low temperature and gets excruciating cold, rodents will begin seeking shelter. They cannot survive in freezing temperatures, and that’s why they will try to invade your home as soon as they notice a change in weather. Once it is late fall or early winter, you may notice a rodent problem arise in your home or commercial space. 

Food Source

During the winter, rodents do not have a food source outside. They will begin to sneak into your home because, thanks to their high senses, they can smell the food you have indoors. During the spring and summer seasons, they may live off of trash and food debris they find outdoors, but this is no longer the case once the winter comes. To minimize this issue, make sure you clean up thoroughly after you eat. Even the smallest crumbs can attract pests – including rodents. 


Mice, rats and other rodents are attracted to wood. They like to build nests near and under wood, so if you have firewood laying around your property, chances are the rodents will be automatically and quickly attracted to your yard and garage. Most people use their fireplaces during the winter and are more likely to have wood on their property during this season than any other season. If you have a fireplace, make sure to clean off any wood you bring into your home. This will help drastically. Also, ensure you don’t invite any rodents into your home by accident. 

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