What You Need to Know About Mosquitos in Texas

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Mosquitoes are certainly a nuisance pest around our homes. The most common mosquitoes that prohibit us from even wanting to walk outside are the “daytime” mosquitoes that lie in wait on our own properties. Alvin Pest Control can perform affordable monthly service treatments during peak times of the year to reduce populations of mosquitoes around your home to allow you to walk outside without getting attacked!

Why Are There So Many Mosquitos Near Your Home

Mosquitos are attracted to water, it’s where they reproduce and lay their eggs. If you live near a pond or body of water, chances are you have to deal with an excessive amount of mosquitos.

Why You Should Contact Mosquito Control

Mosquitos are an extremely annoying insect, they buzz in your ear and sting you leaving red itchy bite marks. They are also known to spread diseases. Mosquitos make it difficult to enjoy the great outdoors but with the right mosquito control service you can enjoy your yard again.

Our mosquito service will prevent mosquitos from bothering you during the day and help minimize the amount that come out during the night.

How to Keep Mosquitos out of Your Yard

At Alvin Pest Control we created the In2Care Mosquito System to help prevent mosquito infestations. Check out the video below to find out how it can help prevent mosquitos in your yard.


Who to Call for Mosquito Control – Alvin Pest Control

A mosquito infestation can ruin the great Texas weather. If you are suffering from an excessive amount of mosquitos on your property, let the pest professionals at Alvin Pest Control help.

We specialize in ridding your home of all kinds of pests, mosquitos included. Our mosquito control service will give you the backyard you can enjoy! Contact us today!

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