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What Fall Weather Means for Bed Bugs

With autumn comes the cool tranquility of colorful arrangements of leaves, pumpkins and the knowledge that many of the pests that plague us during the spring and summer will soon be dying. The onset of fall may rid us of several types of nuisance pests, but one we can’t sleep on is the bed bug.

When is Bed Bug Season?

Bed bugs are more active and travel better in the spring and summer, but does this mean bed bugs die off in the fall and winter? Unfortunately, they do not. In fact, most bed bug infestations are discovered in the fall. Bed bugs do a lot of travelling during the summer while people vacation in potentially infested hotel rooms. While they may spread at a high rate during the summer, bed bugs often go unnoticed for a few months.

Bed bugs are tiny and it’s unlikely you are going to see them. Bed bugs feed on our blood during the night, which also adds to their stealth. By the time most people discover their home has been infested, they’ve actually been living with bed bugs for a few months.

Do Bed Bugs Go Back to School?

Outside of summer traveling, fall brings its own challenges for bed bug prevention. Bed bugs are highly effective hitchhikers. With school starting in early fall, bed bugs hitch rides on the clothes and backpacks of America’s youth. They love a messy room, and that is typically where you find your children. Bed bugs are huge advocates of our public-school systems, or as they see it: public transportation.

What Can I Do?

Don’t fall for the misconception that fall drives away bed bugs. Learn what they look like so you can identify them. Keep your house clean and routinely wash your bed sheets and covers. Bed bugs love dirty clothes, so ensure you and your children keep the laundry off your floors. Make sure you inspect any used furniture you may purchase.

What if I Find Bed Bugs?

Should you discover that you are the victim of a bed bug infestation, don’t let it ruin your autumn. Do not attempt to confront bed bugs on your own. Hire trusted professionals to ensure that no bed bugs are left behind. Contact the experienced and environmentally friendly professionals at Alvin Pest Control today.

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