pharaoh ants

Types of Ants in Texas During the Fall

The autumn months can be pleasant, and many people will enjoy this season by having outdoor picnics or barbecues. This is a great way to spend time with family and friends, but this can also attract several types of outdoor ants as well. When you understand the different species of ants, you can take effective measures to deal with their colonies.

Identifying Ants in Autumn

Correct identification of ants is an important part of any comprehensive ant control plan. There are several techniques used to identify the particular species of ant that is infesting your area. The first method is the close examination of the color on the body of the ant. The most common colors are red, black and brown. Sometimes, the colors will tell you about the behavior of other ants in the area. For example, biting ants usually have a different color on their body segments than the non-biting species of ants. Correct recognition is also essential if there is bait being used to trap the ants. The wrong kind of bait will waste time and money, and the problem will likely continue.

Types of Fall Ants

  • Carpenter ants are known for their attraction to wood and paper products. In addition to the basic carpenter ant, there are also several sub-species as well. This includes black carpenter ants and amber carpenter ants. They are attracted to moist areas of the home, and they can consume larger dead insects like bees, moths and beetles.
  • Pharaoh ants have a distinctive type of body, which is light brown or transparent in color. Some of these ants will have a more yellow hue as well, and they are organized according to a caste system. However, this particular type of ant colony will contain many queens, which means that they can relocate if part of the colony is exterminated. This is a perfect example of a situation where you might need professional ant control assistance.
  • Pavement ants are known for their ability to eat just about anything that falls onto the ground. This is why they are commonly found during the autumn season when people are eating outdoors.

Eliminating Ants

Our professionals are trained to identify and eliminate the most common pests in your area. We can also help you to learn about the best ways to avoid future infestations. All of these ants will be attracted to the scent of sweets, meat, sauces and other smells. They can locate crumbs on the floor of the area where you are having an outdoor event, and they will quickly spread the news of the presence of food to the other members of the colony. For additional information, contact Alvin Pest Control at your earliest convenience.