Treatments for a Spray From a Skunk

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The very word ‘skunk’ has become synonymous for something foul-smelling, and for good reason. Skunks are mammals that are able to secret an odor so powerful it can deter a bear, and they can accurately spray this sulfuric smelling liquid over fifteen feet. Furthermore, it’s so strong that you can detect it for up to five miles. If you’ve been sprayed by a skunk, you’ll quickly find out why these animals are so notorious. You’ll also want to do anything you can to remove the smell as quickly as possible. Not to worry though, there is a treatment. Here is how to eliminate skunk odors and how to avoid another attack.

Skunk Smell Treatment

The terrible odor is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks about a skunk, however, the smell can be remedied. The best way to take care of skunk spray odor is by combining one quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide, a quarter of a cup of baking soda and a drop of liquid detergent. Scrub yourself thoroughly with this mixture in the shower and allow it to sit for five minutes. Then, turn the shower on and rinse it off. Repeat as many times as necessary. This should break down the chemicals in the skunk’s scent and destroy the odor. Popular remedies for skunk spray such as tomato and lemon juice are not as effective, and trying to mask the smell with air freshener or deodorant will do little to help.

Avoiding Skunk Attacks

Skunks use their scent glands as a way to defend themselves against predators in the wild, however, their bodies only secret enough for five or six sprays every ten days. Therefore, they only spray when they’ve exhausted all other options. If you run into a skunk, it will let you know it’s threatening to spray by raising its tail, standing on its hind legs and pounding on the ground with its paws. If you see a skunk doing this, back away slowly and don’t make any loud noises. To keep your dog safe from skunks, only walk them through parks during the day, while at night, stay in well lit areas. If you have a skunk in your house or backyard, don’t approach it. Instead, hire professionals to remove the skunk themselves.

Not only is skunk spray terrible to smell, it is dangerous as well and can even cause temporary blindness if it gets in the eyes. Fortunately, skunks are easy to avoid and their odor is easy to remove., For more information, or to receive quality pest control service, contact us today.