Texas Sized Bugs

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Is everything bigger in Texas? Based on the size of the following insects, this popular phrase definitely proves to be true. Let’s take a look at the largest bugs in the state.

Tarantula Hawk

Measuring out at around two inches in length, tarantula hawks are some of the largest wasps in the world. Known for having an incredibly powerful sting, these giant wasps can take down a tarantula in mere seconds. Although tarantula hawks are definitely scary bugs, they don’t usually attack humans. Unsurprisingly, provoking a tarantula hawk makes you far more likely to get stung. If you are worried about a tarantula hawk infestation, learn more about our stinging insect services.

Giant Water Bug

Because of their sheer size and gruesome-looking claws, giant water bugs have a quite intimidating appearance. Understandably, they tend to trigger a great deal of fear. Insect-liquefying venom enables a giant water bug to transform its prey into mush. The good news is that giant water bugs spend most of their time lounging around local ponds and lakes.

Texas Giant Centipede

With the ability to reach eight inches in length, the Texas giant centipede is by far one of the biggest bugs you’ll ever see. While the colorful Texas giant centipede may look cool, approach it with caution. This is not your typical worm. Its bite contains a painful toxin that can make your body feel numb. Some of the Texas giant centipede’s potential snacks include rodents, lizards, and toads. Even snakes risks being eaten by the Texas giant centipede.

Cicada Killer

The cicada killer is yet another Texas-sized wasp. As a testament to the cicada killer’s large stature, it’s often mistaken for a hummingbird. If you happen to encounter a cicada killer, be sure to keep your distance. After being stung by a cicada killer, some people have compared it to being shot by a low-caliber gun.

The Texan Dobsonfly

The Texan dobsonfly is a big bug that resides near rivers and streams. Although the Texas dobsonfly isn’t dangerous, it’s still a fascinating insect. Large wings enable it to sound like a bat flying through the air.

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