Should Homeowners Worry if They Find Ladybugs in the House?

Ladybugs are a popular insect in many countries. Many Japanese believe that if you find one in your house, it brings good luck to household members. 

If a ladybug enters a room where a baby is sleeping, it’s considered especially lucky since the child will have protection from harm throughout life.

While they may bring good luck, finding many in your home can also be signs of problems. So, should homeowners worry if they find ladybugs in the house? Yes, here’s why.

1. Your Exterior Walls and Windows Aren’t Properly Sealed.

Likely, small insects can easily come through the gaps between window frames and siding. If you see many bugs around the windows or doors, this is probably why.

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2. Your Home Is Full of Cracks and Gaps.

Foundation problems can also allow bugs inside, so be sure to get these fixed if needed for best results. If the problem persists, you may need an exterminator to help get rid of them all-around your home.

3. You Have an Insect Problem in General.

Ladybugs are attracted to areas where insects are already living, so they’re usually just coming in for that reason. 

If you see many ladybugs entering your home, this probably means that there’s a larger pest issue nearby that they’re coming in to try eating instead of your interior walls or doors/windows frames.

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4. The Screens on Your Windows Don’t Fit Well.

When you’re checking for leaks around screens (and other parts of the house), making sure they fit is key. If there are too many unfixed holes or tears in screens, bugs will push their way into your home every time it’s windy outside or the weather gets cold enough to slow them down a bit. All those little holes in your screens that you didn’t know about will be the reason why the ladybugs come into your home when they otherwise wouldn’t have.

5. There’s a Giant Pile of Organic Debris in Your Yard.

If you live in an area where it snows, and you’ve got a big pile of dirty snow sitting against the side of your house, that will attract lots of bugs in search of food to eat. 

If you prefer to leave piles of leaves and sticks alone in the fall until they turn into the dirt in Spring–without ever raking them up–you’ll be drawing all sorts of bugs closer to your home, too!

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