Roaches in Texas

Cockroaches in Texas

There are 3 roaches commonly found in Texas. Keep reading on to learn more about these common roaches, and what to do if you find one of these critters in your home. 

American Roaches

American Roaches are a roach that thrives in dark, damp areas. In fact, if you have ever looked down a manhole cover of a sewer you will see their ideal environment. These roaches find very suitable environments around our homes also. These roaches will transition many times into the wall voids and attic areas of our homes, once they have all the needed resources they will thrive. That’s where we can help! We perform a top-to-bottom treatment of your home to make it free from this disease carrying pest. Call for a free quote to help rid your home or business from these nuisance pests.

German Roaches 

German Roaches have been invading our kitchens for centuries; these pests are great at survival. Females carry their eggs right up until they hatch for best hopes of survival. She then goes to the furthest crack or crevice to allow them to hatch and survive; this is why an over-the-counter type treatment typically will not work. Alvin Pest Control performs a treatment procedure which includes an initial “clean out” that will reach into all the cracks and crevices where they live with all the latest technology products and equipment. This treatment regimen will eliminate the German Roach population, we back it up with a 90 Day Service Pledge!

Asian Roaches 

Asian Roaches are a new roach that has started to appear along the gulf coast region. These roaches live and breed in decomposing organic matter like bark mulch, under rock or hardscape items. These roaches are attracted to exterior lighting so typically they can be reduced in numbers by changing exterior lighting to low UV lights. But in rare cases they can build up enough to enter structures. These pests typically never live inside a structure. They can be controlled through our general pest treatments. Call for a free quote to help rid your home or business of these nuisance pests.

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