Pet Pest Prevention 101: Flea & Tick Prevention

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Keeping your pets away from fleas and ticks can be difficult, especially if you live in a heavily wooded area. Thankfully, there are some preventative methods you can use to keeps your pets safe. 

Veterinary Approved Products

The best way to prevent fleas and ticks from harming your pets is to choose vet-approved products to use at home. Talk to your vet and choose some topical treatments, collars or shampoos to use on a regular basis. Dogs are commonly susceptible to fleas and ticks because they tend to go outside more than cats and other pets. Bathing your dog in flea and tick shampoo and using a flea and tick collar are great ways to prevent these pests from getting onto your dog in the first place. 

Regularly Check Pet Fur

The quicker you remove a tick, the less likely your pet will contract an illness related to a tick bite. Feel through your pet’s fur thoroughly after a walk to ensure there are no ticks. You should also learn the proper way to remove a tick so that way you won’t worsen the problem. It’s best to use tweezers to remove a tick by the head. If you use your fingers, part of the tick could still be on your pet, which could lead to infection. 

Look for fleas on areas of your pet where the fur is sparse or thin, like the inner sides of the hind limbs. Fleas are tiny and copper-colored, and they move quickly on your pet’s skin. You may also be able to see “flea dirt” or feces, which are tiny dark spots that turn red from digested blood when put on a wet paper towel.

Keep Your Yard Neat

If your pets are constantly playing in your yard, make an effort to keep the grass neat and as short as possible. Both fleas and ticks are attracted to tall, moist, grassy areas with debris. A clean yard is a pest-free yard. 

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