How Can Silverfish Damage Your Home?

Silverfish don’t inflict as much damage as termites or carpenter ants, but they can cause significant harm. These small, creepy insects often invade attics, kitchens and bathrooms. Their unusual diet may result in repair bills or time-consuming projects.


If your house has wallpaper, these bugs might consume the paste that attaches this material to the walls. This behavior could cause your wallpaper to peel. Silverfish may also stain the paper with a yellowish fluid.


When this pest takes up residence in an attic or wall, it will eat the insulation’s paper lining. This coating exists to prevent condensation from forming. Consequently, silverfish may eventually cause mold to develop in your walls.


These insects can damage many types of carpets, rugs and curtains. Most materials are vulnerable to silverfish. They eat silk, wool, linen and cotton. Additionally, this pest devours rayon because it contains cellulose.

Silverfish tend to harm wool carpets more severely than other floor coverings. They prefer to consume this fabric in relatively dark locations. For example, you might find significant carpet damage in a closet, under your sofa or behind an entertainment center.

This insect also favors humid places. You may notice numerous scales, dead bugs and yellow stains in moist areas. Although it’s usually possible to clean up these messes, they have the potential to permanently discolor surfaces.


These bugs can damage some of the items that you keep in your home. They might create tiny holes in clothing, blankets, furs or leather goods. Silverfish may also ruin books by devouring the glue in bindings. They harm certain types of art as well.

This pest can eat and contaminate various foods. Among other things, it consumes dried meats, bread, oatmeal and flour. Many bugs look for sweet or oily meals, but silverfish normally seek sources of protein and carbohydrates.

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