How are Ants Getting Into My House?

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Ants are tiny magicians. They appear out of nowhere and then disappear again. Ants cost you plenty in contaminated food, damage, traps, and sprays. They also rob you of your peace of mind.

How are ants getting into your house? Check the following common entry points for clues.

Look outside

To know how ants are getting into your home, go outside. Examine your yard, mulch, landscape timbers and firewood for nests or colonies.

As soon as ants emerge from their hiding places, they are on the hunt for necessities found in your home: food, shelter, and water. Once a nest or hiding place is located, look for lines of ants that will reveal their paths of entry. Search for cracks or gaps in the seams of your home that may serve as entryways.

Inspect Attached Areas

Next, inspect the basement, crawl spaces, and garage. Using a flashlight, look around dripping water heaters, leaky pipes and washing machines or other damp areas. Ants are attracted to warm, moist places. Once you find ants, see if you can detect some leaving your home to determine how they are entering.

Move Indoors

Now transition your search indoors. Focus on rooms that contain either water or food sources. These include kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms, and laundry areas. Look for cracks along with window seals and openings around screens, pipes, and electrical boxes. Examine tiny holes created by utility lines for any signs of ant activity.

Focus on Floors

Floors don’t just serve as highways for many species of ants. They also provide homes. Ants can establish pathways through carpets, hardwood and tile flooring to the subflooring below. There they find plenty of space for ants to nest and congregate. Take time to search each of your main floors and baseboards for any telltale signs.

Don’t Forget Doors

Doors serve as entrances not only for guests and family members but also for ants. Inspect your doors for gaps and cracks in seals and frames. Doors with little human movement provide the perfect entries, because deteriorating seals may go unnoticed by everyone except these intruders.

Halt the Hitchhikers

Ants don’t mind riding into your home when they find opportunity. They often ride in on furniture, plastic toys, plants or storage containers. Make it a habit to scan any items you transfer indoors to provide these tiny travelers.

Ants are small but smart. Extensive knowledge is necessary to understand their habits and tricks. When you are faced with an ant invasion, turn to professionals for help. Alvin Pest Control provides over forty years of experience in ant identification and control. Call on us today to halt ants in their tracks.