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Five Ways to Prevent Ants

Common Pests

Ants are a common pest to find scurrying around your home. Unfortunately, they aren’t only to be found outside marching across your nicely laid out picnic blanket. You’ve probably seen them making their way across your countertops or floors, inside cupboards, or even in your bagged food items. How do you keep these pests from entering your sanctuary? Here are five ways to prevent ants.

Seal All Cracks

Ants can easily enter your home through any crack or crevice that they find. This includes under doorways or windows, or even cracks in the foundation. It is best to seal any area that you feel may be a possible entryway for ants, as you will find that a colony of ants will rapidly increase.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping a clean home means that you are less likely to experience an ant infestation. Wash any dishes in the sink. Make sure that your countertops are wiped down and free of crumbs. Check your cupboards also to ensure that they are crumb free. Wipe down any surfaces with spills or sticky substances. Be sure to sweep and vacuum regularly, especially in rooms where there are traces of food.

Store Food Properly

As ants are attracted to any source of food they can find, it is important to be sure that all food is properly stored. Make sure that all dry food items are stored in sealed containers. Don’t leave food or wrappers exposed. Pet food should also not be left out for too long. Without access to the food source, the ants do not have much reason to stay in your home.

Deter With Smells

Ants are also attracted to smells. But it is possible to detract them with smells as well. Use spices and herbs such as black pepper, chili pepper, cayenne pepper, cloves, mint or garlic in the house. Lemon juice and vinegar can be used to wipe down surfaces. Pour coffee grounds around the outside of your home. All of these scents deter ants, naturally!

Spray an Ant Barrier Around Your Home

The best way to protect yourself from ant infestation is to spray a barrier around your home. It is wise to leave this task to a pest control professional as they will know how to best treat the problem depending on the type of species of ant. Contact Alvin Pest Control to address your pest issues!