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Everything You Need to Know About Nuisance Wildlife

Squirrels might be cute when hanging upside down from your bird feeder trying to get the seeds or corn, but a nest of squirrels living in the attic or walls of your home is a whole other matter.

Welcome to the world of nuisance wildlife. Many animals want your home to be their home, as they escape the winter cold or the summer heat. Nuisance wildlife and humans do not co-exist well in the home. Trapped animals can feel threatened and become aggressive, and these animals can also present disease and other dangers to your family.

Types of Nuisance Wildlife

Squirrels are common in our region of Texas and are known for invading homes in search of a warm nesting place. These pests frequently find a way into your attic, where they can chew through and damage electrical wiring.

Bats are also common in Texas. All bats love dark, secluded and protected environments like your attic or the eaves under your home which make a perfect place to hang out – literally. Bats are known rabies carriers and can infect animals as well as humans. Bat droppings (guano) carry certain diseases, and your home can easily become infested with bat mites or other insects. Some bat species are protected, so it is important to hire a bat-proofing professional who will be knowledgeable about all the latest Texas wildlife regulations.

Opossums are also very common in our region. They love to live in swampy areas or near water, but can also live in wooded areas. They love to burrow, so they might live in your yard or your garage. When the animals are startled, they bare their teeth and hiss, but rarely bite. However, if you have chickens or other game birds, an opossum can quickly wreak havoc on your flock.

Raccoons are everywhere. They build their dens almost anywhere but love old barns, roofs and chimneys as a nice home. Because they are larger animals, they can create significant structural damage to your house. They are little bandits known to raid everything from garages to garbage cans in search of food and water, and they are known carriers of rabies.

Pest Proof Your Home

You can take several measures to pest-proof your home against nuisance wildlife. First, always seal garbage bags and cans and regularly dispose of waste. Trim back trees and bushes away from your home so that animals cannot access your attic. Look for signs of intrusion, such as gnaw marks, loose insulation, animal sounds and droppings.

If you have a nuisance wildlife problem, remember that a professional with the proper training, protective gear and knowledge should handle the removal. Alvin Pest Control is here for you, so give us a call today to solve your wildlife nuisance.

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