Pest control services exterminate unwanted ant and rodent infestations on a property. Protect your health and your property from the scourge of pest infestation. Alvin Pest Control services are the environmentally method of eradicating pests in their tracks.

Residential Pest Control

Rodent and ant infestations in a home have the potential to cause health and safety hazards. If pests are not exterminated, a home can be overrun with unwanted ants, mice, and rats. Residential pest control services eliminate stubborn infestations. Exterminate unwanted pests before they take over your home, and its infrastructure, with professional residential pest control services.

Commercial pest control

A pest-free office, restaurant, or other commercial facility begins with commercial pest control services. Mice, rats, and insects of all sorts are commonly found in new business park settings. Eliminate pests as part of the crew with commercial pest control services.

Out of the park protection plan

Green spaces, wetlands, and other adjacent rural areas are the source of pests. Fumigation solutions from Alvin Pest Control perform global eradication of mice, rats, mosquitoes, and ants. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that wild pests are the lead cause of certain infectious airborne viral transmissions.

Mice and rats

A pest nuisance that can threaten pets and small children with rabies, rats are a dangerous rodent problem. While mice appear less threatening, they can also cause health problems such as the Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome. Inhalation of fresh rodent urine, droppings or nest materials in cupboards, garages, barns, sheds, or outbuildings may result in Hantavirus infection. Pest fumigation stops Hantavirus and rabies carrying pests in their tracks.

Crazy ants

Native to South America, crazy ants have spread throughout Texas in the past 15 years. Infestations of crazy ants infiltrating electrical systems equipment can lead to short circuits.

Rover ants

Also originating in South America, rover ants sprout wings at the time of maturity and can infest a building’s entire infrastructure when left unchecked.

Ghost ants

Another South American insect migration, Texan ghost ants are invisible, yet bite the skin. Remove the specter of ghost ants with professional pest control fumigation.

Your Local Exterminator

Alvin Pest Control is a Member of the Guardians of Your Environment, National Pest Management Association (NPMA). The NPMA provides guidelines to pest control fumigation in accordance with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommendations.

We use the latest in pest control technologies. Prevent eco-destabilization from insect and rodent infestation with professional extermination. Setting a scheduled appointment for monitoring of pests and pest conditions can permanently eradicate infestations in the future.

Professional Pest Control Pearland TX

Established in 1975, Alvin Pest Control is a recognized member of the Greater Houston Pest Control Association and Texas Pest Control Association, and ACE (Associate Certified Entomologist) certified service provider in the property fumigation business. With a reputation for solid customer service and high caliber delivery of the latest in pest control treatment, Alvin is your pest control expert in Pearland, TX.

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