If you want the amenities of the big city with the familiarity of a smaller community, Dickinson, Texas, may be the perfect place to call home. Dickinson is located in the greater Houston area, but with less than 20,000 residents, it is still quaint and homey. Unfortunately, pests also love to call Dickinson home.

Dickinson attracts a variety of pests thanks to its very arid climate. Texas weather is known for being warm throughout the year, which means that pests have more time to flourish. In colder climates, freezing weather will force pests into hibernation. In Texas, the warm weather provides comfortable living for pests all year long.

If you live in Dickinson, you need to be aware of the different pests that are common in the area.

Bed Bugs

These annoying little pests have an affinity for warm, soft spaces. This is why they nest commonly in your mattress. Bed bugs are very small with bodies shaped like an oval. You may not be able to see bed bugs when they have infested your home. However, you can check for evidence every time you change your sheets. If you see red or brown spots on your sheets, you may be seeing evidence of bed bugs. You may also notice marks or welts on your skin after you sleep. Bed bugs can and do bite, which can lead to ongoing discomfort.


Ants are notorious for ruining your picnic on a summer day. However, these pesky insects can also ruin your home if they get inside. Since ants are very small, they can easily enter your home through tiny cracks and crevices. Ants are attracted to food sources, which is why you will find them most often in the kitchen. Ants are also prone to coming inside during certain weather cycles. If it has rained recently, ants may be flooded out of their underground homes. When this occurs, they are more likely to seek alternative shelter inside your home.


While spiders have an important part in the Texas ecosystem, the only role they play in your home is one of annoyance. These eight-legged creatures come in many shapes and sizes, and most people dislike them all. Most spiders are actually harmless, but some venomous types do live in Texas. Some spiders venture inside in order to escape the elements outside. Most of the time, spiders like to hide in dark places, and you will often find their webs in corners and along the ceiling. The most common spiders in Texas are grass spiders, orb weavers and woodlouse hunters. You may also see dangerous recluse spiders, which are venomous.

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