Zika Virus

A study by University of North Dakota researchers shows that the mosquito species Aedes vexans, which is native to North America, can transmit Zika virus.I contracted Zika in late July 2016 in the Commonwealth of Dominica (small island in the Caribbean).  At the time I was in Dominica I took pictures of the mosquito I was being bit by (see below). I sent the pics off to confirm but never got an ID. The reason I did was that the entire time I was in the country I never saw a Aedes –  aegyti or alobopictus (striped) mosquito (these mosquitos at the time were the only known carriers of the Zika Virus). So study now confirms that there is another species transmitting this virus. My belief is that the mosquitos in Dominica were Aedes vexans. What does this mean to us? This breed of mosquito has the ability to have a much higher “percentage” to propagate the virus. This is a North American mosquito species that we may have to deal with too. 

Hopefully it will mean nothing in the end.

Jackie Thornton

Associate Certified Entomologist