Prepare for Spring Pests this Winter

Extreme winter temperatures are a natural deterrent for pests, causing a decrease in their population. This is the perfect time to prepare for the onslaught of bugs and insects that will swarm during the beginning of spring. The following are some steps that you can take to prevent an invasion of pests from overtaking your business or your yard and home.

Prepare Your Home

Smaller bugs and insects search for ways to make an entrance into your home or business. This can be easily prevented by sealing cracks and holes throughout the foundation the building. Try to avoid leaving food out for an extended period of time, including garbage cans. Pests will be attracted to the smell like magnets. Protect your valuable items against humidity and dust, because this will also serve as an attraction.

Bugs and insects are drawn to areas with high levels of moisture. Areas like a garage or basement are perfect places for pests to take shelter, so make sure to thoroughly clean and maintain these areas. It’s much easier and safer to take preventative measures against pests than to deal with an infestation. The most effective way of safeguarding your home from bugs and insects is to get an inspection and treatment from professionals. This is where our trained technicians at Alvin Pest Control, LLC can provide the help that you need to avoid the dangers of pests, and the damage that they can do to your home.

Services We Offer

The friendly, uniformed technicians at Alvin Pest Control, LLC can provide services to you at an affordable rate. We have been offering Quarterly General Pest Control services for 40+ years. Each service provides an interior and exterior inspection and treatment to prepare you for the surge of pests that come with springtime. PestShield is another service that will protect your home from rats, mice and other nuisances throughout the year. We also offer services such as bee and wasp eradication, termite elimination, wildlife control and several others.

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If you live in Alvin, Houston, Sante Fe or other surrounding areas in Texas, Alvin Pest Control, LLC can provide the services you require to prepare for the influx of pests in the spring. Now is the best time to contact us, so you can deal with the problem areas before it even begins. 

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