How Do Pests Get Access Into Your Home?

How do pests get into your home? The usual culprit is the ‘back door,’ where they come from outside into your private living space. Pests can scale walls, fly in through open windows and jump across gaps that they shouldn’t be able to cross over. If you have a pest problem, they may already be inside your house before you even realize it.

In light of this possibility, we’ve gathered three of the most common places pests enter your home in the first place:

1. Pests Come In Through Cracks in Windows or Doors.

Pests can enter through windows and doors. Just like doors, jerry-rigged window screens are an invitation for bugs. Repair holes or any cracks or crevices that seem pest-friendly, and keep your windows and doors properly sealed. 

Investing in weatherstripping the door frame may not be a bad idea, too, as this can also prevent pests and inclement weather from getting inside. Check them periodically for any damage or holes which may allow bugs to enter. This is especially important if your house has a crawlspace.

Also, check windows from the inside frequently for signs of damage or holes that could allow entry by an insect or rodent. Double glazed windows may make it harder for a bug to get in but will not prevent all issues. The best defense against this kind of vector is a stout wire mesh screen over every opening in your house.

Be sure to check window and door screens every few months for any holes that need to be fixed. And always use a screen that has been thoroughly cleaned to prevent any leftover food or dirt from attracting more bugs.

If you’re already worried about rodents rummaging through your home and you’re unsure of how to get rid of them, check out Alvin’s Pest Control’s Rodent Control.

2. Pests Are Attracted to Unruly Yards.

Remove any unused or old equipment, such as broken lawnmowers. Pests are attracted to lawnmowers because they are attracted to dead stuff. Don’t leave the lawnmower sitting out in the sun, covered up is fine, but don’t let it just sit there. 

Also, check for holes in the yard that can allow pests to enter your property, and fill them up with dirt. If you think it might be difficult to do this by yourself, call a professional, like Alvin Pest Control. We’ve been killing bugs since 1975. 

Mulch is great at keeping weeds out of your yard, but it also deters people from walking through your property. Keep grass cut short so any unwanted guests will have to go away.

The less clutter in your yard means fewer places for bugs to hide.

3. Pests Can Enter Through Large Openings, Such As Chimneys.

Pests can enter your home through chimneys and other large openings, such as roof vents. To prevent them from nesting and damaging your property, you should seal these openings shut, using a steel rod or fine wire mesh.
If you have a pest problem and can’t handle it alone, contact Alvin Pest Control.