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Defending Your Home Against Tiny Invaders

Remember the adage, “A man’s home is his castle”? Bring this saying into modern times, and it can still be said that any homeowner wants to feel safe and secure at home. Just as a castle was guarded and equipped with barriers to keep out enemies, your home must be fortified against all types of raiders, including the six-and-eight legged varieties. You need the same level of forethought, action, and surveillance to be sure that your home is properly protected. Consider these three main methods to fortify any home against insects and pests.Residential Pest Control

Keeping Pests Out

The best offense is a good defense. To develop an effective line of defense against tiny invaders, you must think like the enemy. Take a tour around your property to see where you might unwittingly be inviting the culprits into your home. Move plants away from your foundation. Trim shrubs and trees so that they do not touch your home. Keep windows and gutters free from leaf litter and plant debris that could host the nests of spiders, roaches and many other insects.

Make your home intentionally uninviting against those who may do you harm.

Physical Barriers

Next, note any breeches in your fortification by which the assailants can enter. Start with the most obvious. Make sure that all entrances stay tightly shut at all times, including back doors, garage doors and windows. Train all members of your own little army, including children, to keep these entranceways closed and stress the reasons for maintaining this proactive habit. Then arm yourself with a caulk gun and other commercial fillers to seal cracks around basement windows, crawl spaces and attic vents. Look for missing shutters and worn weatherstripping to replace. Make sure that there is no hole or crack left vulnerable to raiders. Practice this surveillance quarterly, ideally at the beginning of every season, for maximum protection.

If termites are a threat to your home in any way, you need to consider wire mesh as a means of protection. Wire mesh can be installed in both pre- and post-construction phases around slabs, masonry, vertical and horizontal cold joints, and along pipes. This type of barrier should be installed by professionals and should also be inspected at least annually to be sure there are no gaps or breakdowns.

Chemical Barriers

Chemical barriers are efficient methods for protection against all varieties of insect intruders. They must be applied with care and specialized knowledge to be effective. They must be administered at strategic points completely around the home and property so that there are no gaps. Chemical barriers must be monitored and maintained in order to be effective. Precautions must also be taken to be sure that they do not do harm to innocent lives, including those of pets and young children.

Fortifying your home against these adversaries is serious business. You need professionals to help you protect your family by providing a dwelling that stands up against any invasion. Call Alvin's Pest Control for expert guidance, protection and specialized products for frontline defense. Allow us to use over forty years of experience to effectively guard your home against invading insects and pests.

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