Can I Handle This On My Own? When to Call a Pest Professional

When it comes to pests in your home, you may wonder if you’re able to get rid of them yourself. You may not want to spend the money and investment to bring in a professional, but it is often the best course of action. Whether or not you should bring in a professional really depends on the kind of pest and the extent of the infestation.

When to call in a professional to handle your pests

If you have termites

Termites are hard to handle on your own. Their colonies and infestations are hard to find and they can cause damage to structures even before you realize that you have a problem. At the first sign of termites or mud colonies near the foundation of your house, make sure to call a professional. Professionals are able to recommend treatment and also keep them from coming back.

If you have wasps

Wasps are a nasty problem to have and can completely ruin your enjoyment of your yard. They are extremely aggressive and can attack you if they sense you’re trying to threaten their home by trying to treat the problem yourself. They will build large wasp nests on and around your home. Make sure to contact a professional as soon as you see signs of wasps.

If you have bed bugs

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to identify as well as exterminate. Professionals are skilled at identifying bed bugs and ridding of the problem before it spreads through your home. If you happen to see any signs of bed bugs or have small bites on your skin after sleeping, reach out to a professional as soon as possible.

If you have mice or rats

Rodents bring in disease and other pests along with them. They can quickly become a huge problem, and it’s hard to catch them all yourself. Call in a professional to take care of this problem.

If you have an infestation or recurring problem in your home

If you have an infestation with many pests in your home, it is probably too late to deal with it yourself. Make sure to call a professional right away to deal with the problem and keep it from getting worse. If you have a recurring problem, a professional can help with recommendations for dealing with pests and prevent them from coming back. Contact Alvin Pest Control today with any pest questions or concerns!